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TBSB internship programme offers a valuable opportunity for university/college students to gain the real world experience and apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting within the oil and gas industry. This program has been carefully planned and monitored, with the guidance of experienced supervisors/trainers to provide guidance and support throughout the students' industrial training.

Besides, through this internship program as well, students can use this opportunity to fulfill graduation requirements and is also beneficial for students who want to gain practical experience while completing their degree. And for students who volunteer for a short period of time, this program can be a great way to gain experience and give back to the community.


TB Supply Base Sdn Bhd operates to serves the oil and gas industry in the offshore Peninsular Malaysia and Gulf of Thailand. Having the area of 250 acres of land, TB Supply Base is licensed under Section 65 and 65A, Bonded Warehouse and Manufacturing of the Customs Act 1967. Providing an integrated support services and facilities, TB Supply Base is able to give cost efficient services to the clients. And all weather 473 meters of berthing facilities, with fuel bunker, potable water, liquid mud and dry bulk off take points conveniently slotted alongside the berth, could accommodate 5 supply vessels and 3 crew boat at any one time. QUALITY POLICY In every of services to customers, TB Supply Base is committed at all time to satisfy fully the needs of the customers in terms if quality and delivery trough the implementation of an effective quality system, which is continually improved


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