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11th OCTOBER 2018

11th  November 2018 has been a memorable moment for TB Supply Base, as REPSOL Malaysia Berhad (RML) began their first ever feet crew boat mobilization via TBSB. This event took 2 days including training of Logistics Coordinators, Crew transfer facilities preparation, and main activity which started at 9.30 p.m at Crew Briefing Room.

There were about 20 pax involved in this activity, which consists of Logistics Coordinator, Auxiliary Police, REPSOL, TBSB Representative lead by Head of Operation, Mr. Fakhrezal and Carlos Rubio from REPSOL.

The first REPSOL Fast Crew Boat Mobilization also involved by 12 pax of crew, which departed by AL-Kahfi Aminah Vessel. 

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